I tire of the fight.

What fight is that? It is the fight that pits me and others like me against
people who will manipulate facts and history to serve political or
nationalistic needs. This malfeasance is an insult to anyone who's ever
picked up a book, taken a course or God forbid, actually educated
themselves. Nationalism has led to ignorance which has further
degenerated into terrorism. We can dismiss revisionists but make no
mistake about it, the fear we live in today has its roots in these types of lies.

Around the world, special interest groups driven by religious zealotry,
territorialism, greed and political idealism have found a new way to
conduct a war. The use of propaganda today dwarfs the best that Nazi
Germany put out fifty years ago. The hours I spend reading and replying
to this garbage is encroaching so pervasively on my life that I have now
taken a step back. But the online warriors who fight the good fight with
truth continue and I commend them.

So, what now? My love for the martial arts has been rekindled as of late
and I foresee my participation in these forums increasing. Debating who's
tougher, predicting matches and then commenting on them sounds like
fun. I will of course continue to support those forums dedicated to
protecting the truth about the disparate ethnicities and cultures around the
world but not as avidly as I have been. Time for new blood.

This may sound a bit like a ramble; it probably is. But take a look at the
sites listed beside this text for a small taste of what one culture, Greek
(mine), faces 24/7. I hope that the UN, Europe and other western
countries throw their support behind this splendid country. It is the
birthplace of western ideals and in these times of political correctness,
fear-mongering and repressive and ignorant cultures, this small beacon still
offers hope.

Other groups and countries around the world also face this insidious
cancer. It you belong to such an ethnic group don't let someone else lie
about your culture, revise your history or propagandize to others. Be
proud of who you are. Acknowledge differences but celebrate your

Peter Katsionis
Truth about Hellenic Macedonia

Greek Planet

Greek Soccer Forums

Hellenic Planet


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