This month's rant is from an outsider looking in. It' s the way I see it and
I'm sure my readers can make additions and/or deletions.
Anti-Americanism seems to be fashionable these days and quite frankly,
sometimes there's good reason. But to tar and feather a nation for the
boorishness of a relative few is unfair, hence my comments.
If I were an American…

I would exercise the rights my forefathers fought and died for and
question our role in Iraq.

I would shed tears for the soldiers wounded and killed serving their
country whether the conflicts they are involved in are justifiable or not.

I would raise my fist in anger at the deplorable way the media
manipulates tragedy for sensationalism.

I would ask how did the cult of celebrity become such a pervasive facet
of our lives.

I would challenge our legislators to make public schools the places of
opportunity for all people just as they were originally intended.

I would hang my head shamefacedly as the rest of the civilized world
mocks us for our puritanical, outmoded attitudes towards anything

I would say to all the special interest groups who believe their way is
better than anyone else’s to work cooperatively, make concessions and
strive for a society that benefits all of us, not the few.

I would pray that our houses of worship continue to nurture our spirits
rather than fan the flames of our hatreds.

I would beg someone to tell me how we went from being the most loved
nation on earth to being the most hated.

I would demand that my elected politicians work with their political
opponents to solve problems that afflict us.

I would applaud critics like Michael Moore because whether he and
others like him are right, wrong, misguided or stupid, a country as strong
as ours can easily withstand criticism from within and in fact always
should be held up to examination.

I would put aside what might be self-serving interests long enough to
recognize that countries have a right to their history and traditions and
should not have to surrender their culture to nationalistic thugs or
imperialistic neophytes.

I would not allow cheap politicking and misplaced petulance to further
alienate our Canadian friends and neighbours, the only true friends we

Peter Katsionis

FightingBest Online Magazine